Most frequent questions and answers about Slipp-Nott

The S-N traction system is made up of the base and the mat. The base is made of modified Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Terpolymer (A.B.S), and it is bonded to a ribbed rubber backing which protects the floor and holds the base in place. The S-N mat is the replaceable set of sheets which is attached, as a set, to the base. These sheets are clear and are individually treated with a water based acrylic material, specially formulated for the S-N mat and engineered NOT to transfer adhesive to the shoe. Each used sheet is peeled off from the mat to expose a new, clean sheet.

Many sports are played at high speed and require quick starts, stops and cuts by an athlete. These sports are generally played in indoor arenas on waxed and sometimes dusty floors. The indoor floors are always smooth but can be synthetic, linoleum or hardwood. Wax, dust or dirt usually adheres to the bottom of the athlete’s shoes limiting or interfering with his ability to execute these quick and sharp maneuvers. ANYTHING between the sole of the athletic shoe and the floor affects the traction necessary to make their maneuvers. Dust and dirt on shoe soles will reduce traction. Foreign substances, like water, saliva, palm perspiration or chemical additives can increase or decrease traction depending on the amount and location on the shoe sole. It is not unusual to see a player wiping the sole of his shoes with his hands in an attempt to remove wax and dirt buildup. If you use high quality athletic shoes, CLEANING THE SHOE SOLE is the ONLY WAY to achieve a reliable, repeatable level of traction. Cleaning, reliable, repeatable and traction are the key words in that statement. When athletes know what to expect from a product they can count on and add it to the arsenal of weapons they need to be their best.

The principle behind Slipp-Nott is deceptively simple yet surprisingly efficient. A stack of specially developed adhesive polyethylene sheets remove dust and dirt from athletic shoe soles. All an athlete needs to do is walk across the Slipp-Nott mat, by doing so, their shoe soles are cleaned by the exposed adhesive on the top sheet. The dust, dirt and wax that normally live on the shoe bottoms is quickly and easily removed by the Slipp-Nott adhesive. Instead of having more and more dust and dirt accumulate on the shoe soles every-time the athlete starts, stops, turn, cuts, shakes or bakes, athletes maintain a clean shoe sole surface by periodically walking on the Slipp-Nott mat. In essence, athletes are cleaning the floor when they use the Slipp-Nott mats by picking up dust and dirt from other parts of the court and depositing it on the Slipp-Nott mat. When the top sheet is covered with dirt, it should be peeled off and discarded. Sheets can be recycled.

These are just a few of our customers: 28 of the 29 NBA teams. Every NCAA Men and Women’s Basketball Tournament since 1994 The Maui Invitational Conference tournaments Big 12 Big East BigTen MAAC Mid Atlantic Midwestern Mountain West SEC Sunbelt SWAC Valley Walt Disney’s Wide World of Sports Madison Square Garden Meadow-lands Arena Market Square Arena …the list goes on and on

Traction and safety go hand in hand. Traction allows you to be creative and aggressive and above all safe. Lack of traction leads to unsafe, poorly executed and tentative play by athletes. Although not always conscious that they are playing tentatively and slowly on slippery floors, it is obvious that all athletes play harder, faster and more aggressively when they know that they are in control of their moves. Imagine trying to run a figure 8 in nice squeaky clean sneakers/athletic shoes. Now think about the torture of trying that same figure 8 in your socks. Have you ever described a gym as “It was like we were on a skating rink”? Were you happy or sad to have to play under those conditions? The highest paid athletes in the world, including professional basketball teams here and abroad, the NCAA and many high schools use Slipp-Nott for better traction. If you are not using Slipp-Nott, you can only hope to be lucky and get traction at your next game. Teams and coaches that want to win MAKE THEIR OWN LUCK!

Almost all indoor sports that require movement on the the floor. Sports such as: Basketball, Team Handball, Volleyball, Aerobics, Stretching. Racquetball, Squash Table Tennis, Badminton, Cheerleading, Pep Squads, Spirit clubs Floor exercises, Health clubs