Slipp-Nott Traction system for Basketball Volleyball Base Set(Base with 30 Sheets Sticky Mat)


  • The standard for traction used by worldwide professional, college, high school basketball teams since 1987
  • Removes dust, dirt and wax build-up from sneakers shoe soles with one step and grip quick action!
  • Enhances athletic performance. Improve Indoor court grip and safety. Allow players to make fast brake and turn on slippery hardwood court.
  • Base dimension 28″ x 29″ with 30 sheets adhesive Mat dimension 26″ x 26″. Sticky Mats MADE IN USA.
  • Typical basketball volleyball game usage is 2-4 sheets. LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY ON ALL BASES!




Product description

Slipp-Nott Traction system for Basketball Volleyball Base Set(Base with 30 Sheets Sticky Mat)

Since 1987, Slipp-Nott has set the world standard for indoor traction and can be seen used at the most televised Basketball games.
Slipp-Nott is a time-proven traction and safety system for sports played on hardwood and waxed floors including Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Indoor Soccer, Racquetball, Floorball, Unihockey, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis, Aerobics, Fitness, Fencing, Cheer Leading, Stretching, Floor Exercise, Fitness Centers.
Slipp-Nott uses special adhesive material which leaves no sticky residue and does not harm skin, shoes, or floor.
Slipp-Nott increases safety and performance of athletes needing traction on smooth indoor floors. Refill Slipp-Nott bases with Slipp-Nott Replacement Mats.
Slipp-Nott sticky mats are secured to the court floor on the Slipp-Nott base. Slipp-Nott can be transported from courts to courts with the ergonomic easy to carry handle.
Slipp-Nott is the BEST and proven traction system used by professional, college, and high school basketball teams to remove dust, dirt and wax build-up from athletic shoe soles with one quick step and grip action.
You don’t have to wipe the sole of your shoes anymore; instead you can improve the traction, increase the safety, confidence and maneuverability of your entire team just by walking on a Slipp-Nott!